• Accessories and Product Design

    Wearing nature

  • Experimental projects

    Playing seriously with ideas

  • Architecture and Interior Design

    Creating spacial experiences

  • Furniture and Object Design

    Designing reality

We Do

Prototyping good ideas

We are Prototip Studio and we do design at different scales. Our background is in architecture and design, our souls are wild and we love to bring ideas to life.

Object Design

Object design projects are examples of our playful way of understanding the world we live in through functional and aesthetic perpectives.

Interior Design & Architecture

With every project we find a challenge in getting contemporary answers and playing in between the analog-traditional path and the new digital-experimental one.


Displaying our projects

Architecture. Interiors. Furniture.Objects. Other kind of design from our reality.


Publications we got featured in


Who are we
Bogdan Goția

Founder Partner. Architect /Designer by day, DJ by night.

Ioana Goția-Ciurea

Founder Partner. Architect / Designer/ Dreamer/ Dancer. All in one.

Mihai Veg

Creative Head, Architect, Constructive Hater.



Drop us a line. We are friendly people.
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