OO Eyewear – Lime model

Designed for natural people


OO! Eyewear


There was a mammoth star that couldn’t be seen. A small object was created and made the dream possible.

While the efortless abundance of wood merges with an adjustable apparatus, these glasses follow the functional and visual need for an new etherial world. Created in our search for light, OO! Eyewear is all about generating new organic ways of styling your eyewear.Simple design. For people who won’t forget their true nature.


Technical infos


The OO glasses are manufactured from birch (betula verucossa [bot.]) plywood in seven layers. The interior side is shaped in order to give a soft experience and a comfortable feeling when it is touching the skin.

For protection, the wood is treated with natural wax.



The three type of lenses that we are using are polarized and with UV protection.Light transmittance: 11% +/- 1; Hydrophobic; Anti-oil.

Adjustable system

They way of wearing the OO glasses is unique, due to the elastic system you have to use to position them in order to fit you.The elastic band is covered in textile and has details made from leather. The whole system advantages the dynamic persons because the glasses are easy to wear and hard to lose.